Q. How do I book the Hall?

A. Contact our booking secretary, Cheri on 07450 455362.  She will be able to discuss all your requirements.

     If you haven't visited the hall before Cheri will be pleased to show you around our facilities.

Q. Is the hall open sometimes during the week? I would like to take a look around.

A. Unfortunately the hall is not normally open during the week, but Cheri will arrange a suitable and convenient time for a visit.

Q. What size is the hall?

A. The hall is 8 metres x 11 metres in length yielding approximate 88 square metres. The hall can be extended by up to another 108 square meters with the marque. The meeting room is 3 metres x 4 metres in length yielding approximate 12 square metres.

Q. How many people can I have in the Hall?

A. Please note that the there is a capacity limit for the hall, which varies with the type of event. 

     For dances etc this is 100 persons (80 if tables are set out); for seated events it is 120 persons (90 if tables are set out).

Q. How late can music and other activites go on for in evening?

A. 11.45 pm is the time that ALL activites should stop, unless you written permision from the current village hall committee. This includes all entertainment, cleaning, packing up, closing down times the hall MUST BE CLOSED AT 12.00 MIDNIGHT.

Q. What do I do with any rubbish which my event has created?

A. It's up to the hall hirers [you] to dispose of any rubbish left. Any rubbish left after the hiring of the hall may incur charges for the disposal. 

Q. Does the hall have a car park? 

A. Yes, we have space for 30 cars with two spaces marked for wheel chair/disabled users at the front of the hall. The football field offers additional parking. 

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